Courses Taught

University of Amsterdam 2011-present

Technologies and Infrastructures 

Theory of Ethnographic Research (Research Masters Social Sciences)

Designing Fieldwork (MSc Anthropology)

Research Design and Methods (MSc Contemporary Asian Studies)

DMII (Historical and Comparative Sociology)

Perceptions of Asia

Global Forces, Local Peoples

Anthropology of East Asia

Thesis Writing Seminar  (MSc Contemporary Asian Studies)

Texas Tech University, 2009-2010

Global Forces, Local Peoples

Doing Ethnography (BA and MA)

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Social Anthropology (MA seminar)

Fordham University, 2007

Peoples of East Asia

Language and Culture

Lehman College, 2003; 2004

Societies and Cultures of East Asia

Women and Men: Anthropological Perspectives

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