Air Pressure

I’m grading and assessing and counting down the days until the winter holidays (three more days!). It’s time for a break. I’m tired.

But when it comes to research, I think I feel rejuvenated. I returned from fieldwork in Nepal in April, and I’m still making sense of my notes; met some fantastic people working in the aviation sector. All I can say for now is that it’s HARD, and I salute the people who make it all work, given the constraints and congestion. I’m working on an article and a lot of it is about manipulating space and time to make everything fit and flow. Some of these ideas were ‘tested’ at UBC in October in front of a generous audience, including a pilot. Plus, the Himalaya Program makes some lovely event posters.

Last week, I did a bit of research on a pilot programme for airport employees with eight other aviation scholars and the lovely folks at Luchtvaart Community Schiphol . We (Dide van Eck, Helene Ilkjaer, and myself) held the fieldwork workshop at Schiphol on a whim. And what a whim it was. No real budget, but a great group of social scientists dedicated to making sense of airports and aviation. It’s just the beginning of many more events…

And now, a break.

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